QCo PowerTalk #2

with Ms. Lim Yi Yi
Geneticist, Sunway Fertility Centre, Malaysia

The industrial application of
next-generation sequencing and genetic testing for personalized reproductive medicine

#Genetic Testing

Wednesday, May 11 2022 / 10am - 11am (Malaysia Time)

Assisted reproductive technologies bring good news to many infertile couples, as around 14% of couples of reproductive ages are having issues getting pregnant and having offspring of their own. The generalized in-vitro fertilization (IVF) approaches have only 25-30% live birth success rates per started cycle. Therefore, there is a lot of room for improvement in reproductive medicine. One of the most promising measures is precision medicine by incorporating new technologies such as next-generation sequencing, time-lapse imaging, genomics, and artificial intelligence. To date, precision medicine has already been widely accepted and implicated in reproductive medicine, both locally and internationally. However, this field is still facing severe challenges. For example, the number of people facing fertility disorders increases gradually, with various reasons and indications for infertility. Hence, the adoption of precision medicine in the reproductive area can be more conducive, with enhancements in biomarker-based diagnosis, healthy embryo identification, treatment processes, and many other aspects. In this talk, the current applications and potential of next-generation sequencing and genetic testing for personalized reproductive medicine will be introduced and discussed.

About the Speaker

Ms. Lim Yi Yi
Sunway Fertility Centre, Malaysia

Lim Yi Yi is a geneticist from Sunway Fertility Centre, one of the largest fertility centers in Malaysia. She has been working in the reproductive field and patient care since 2018. Her general interests are in human genetics, particularly reproductive genetics and inherited diseases. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree (first-class honours) in Cell and Molecular Biology and completed her Master of Science in Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering in 2018 at University Putra Malaysia. She is involved in the research and development of various topics of IVF, including the embryology, genetics, and patient aspects. In addition, she has a passion for educating and improving the awareness about assisted reproductive technologies and reproductive genetics to the public and collaborating with universities and research organizations to make advancements in reproductive genetics research.

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